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My passion for storytelling is based in my belief that narrative is an essential part of human interaction.  All of us need the accumulated wit and wisdom that has been stored up in oral literature over countless generations. As a teller, I aim for an immediate, unplugged human connection filled with possibility, an experience  that calls the listener to imagine and create with me.

I have been telling stories on a professional basis for more than 25 years. . My repertoire includes epic, traditional, historical, autobiographical and literary material.  My audiences range from the very young to the very old.


Arts administration has also been a big part of my life as both co-founder of  2 women productions, Canada’s only organization dedicated specifically to supporting fine adult storytelling and MASC, the national capital region’s most  successful multi disciplinary arts education organization.

Throughout my storytelling career I have been inspired and challenged by a number of fine teachers and their creative workshops. I have a particular interest in voice and movement and how it informs and strengthens storytelling performance

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