Performances for the Young

CIMG3912Participating in a fine performance of traditional folk and fairy tales is:

a uniquely  engaging  experience of inquiry-based learning and active listening

• an opportunity for students to undertake detailed, imaginative visualization based on making meaningful connections with their own life experience

• An immediate, unplugged, shared and  uniquely alive moment

• An affirmation of  the deep and simple power of  words

• A meaningful connection to generations of deeply felt, culturally diverse human experience.



Below are some sample programs but I am always ready to discuss building a program that meets the particular needs of the young people you work with.

Be Brave, Be Brave…. But not too Brave!    JK/SK, Grades. 1-3              Heroes and heroines fill the old folk and fairy tales, dispatching any beast or baddie encountered. Sometimes laughing, sometimes holding their breath as the stories unfold, students rejoice when the victory is won. For JK/SK, programs are shorter, (30-45 min) and involve more active participation.

Through the Flaming Forest                             Grades 4-6, 7-8             Compelling journey tales, from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, take listeners traveling through an ancient and contemporary world of adventure and revelation.

Greek Mythology                                                     Grades 5-6, 7-8              Conjuring a world of gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters, triumph and tragedy, classic Greek myths bring this ancient civilization alive in today’s classroom.

Homer’s Odyssey: The Cyclops and Circe         Grades 7-8,9-OAC                   A detailed telling of these two stories contained within an overview of Odysseus’ remarkable voyage home following the Trojan Wars offers a compelling introduction to this timeless classic.

Fables for the Earth                                                   Grades 3-6

A mouse, a hungry child, and a goat go on an adventure together. As they climb the great mountain,  the stones speak to them, telling old and powerful stories of taking care of the earth.  (in development:ready for Earth Day 2016)

Most performances are:

• 45  Min long

• Designed for a limited age span

• Best with an audience maximum of 100 (K’s 50)

• Benefit from being in a library rather than a gymnasium setting( grades 7 and up need chairs)

Fees:   1 show $250 2 shows same half day $395 3 shows same day $505

Curriculum Connections:                                                                                       Offering your students a storytelling performance helps meet growing curriculum requirements for creative oral experience. Research continues to confirm that meaningful oral work is fundamental to achieving literacy and that narrative is the most powerful of pedagogical tools.