Performances for Adults


Rediscover the power of the world’s oldest performance art

My adult performance work is founded in the ancient and…. oh so contemporary world of folk tale and myth though I do stray into literary and personal material as well. I offer solo programs and also work with other fine tellers. I am always willing to seek out the tales that are just right for your event or venue. A few sample programs are listed below.

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Wonder Tales from A Celtic Twilight

A chess game, an impossible quest for golden apples, the black steed and the hound on a silver leash; a sleepless otter king, a child suckled by wolves, ambition, bravery and death. Enter a world where magic matters; where good and evil struggle for ascendency and heroes know the necessity for valour and generosity. 60 min

The Wit and Wisdom of Traditional Tales

Just about everything you need to know about how people live in the world is imbedded in the old stories. They are narrative jewels polished through countless generations. Stories from around the globe are selected to delight and mystify; to bring laughter and tears, to make you think and feel; stories to enchant you and your audience. 15-60 min

Homer’s Odyssey: The Cyclops and Circe

A detailed recounting of how the wily Odysseus overcomes two of the many extraordinary challenges the gods send him as he struggles to make his way home after the fall of Troy. Set within the context of the journey’s whole story, these tales are at the same time grand, fantastic and deeply human. 50 min

Beyond Longing: Passion and Elsewhere

Lady Jane Digby and Isabelle Eberhardt: the first born into the  British aristocracy early in Victoria’s reign, the second,  in Switzerland of questionable Jewish, Russian, Armenian stock later in the same queen’s reign. Women of very different backgrounds and utterly different charactar,  they shared a willingness to go to extraordinary ends to fulfill their longings to live deeply and passionately. Both were drawn to the  desert as they both sought  to live  well beyond the confines of the worlds they were born into.  60 min

The Book of Spells: A Love Story told with Jan Andrews

What happens when two married women well into their middle years cast caution to the winds and begin sharing a life together! A compelling personal story woven with two remarkable short stories of magic realism by English author, Sara Maitland. 2 -45 min sets