Training and Professional Development Highlights

Exploring potentials and working to become the best storyteller I can possibly be has always been important to me. Below I have listed   professional development experiences that have influenced me the most deeply.

• 5 weeks with  Roy Hart International Voice Centre in France

• 5 Weeks with the National Voice Intensive, University of British Columbia

• Weekly creative movement work  with dancer Peter Ryan

• Two 3 day workshops with Anne Skinner and Brian Doubt at the National Arts Centre

Other tellers/artists  I have done training with:

• Canada: Adwoe Badoe,  Lynda Howes, Tanya Jacobs, Shelagh Langston, Celia Lottridge, Janine Pearson, Alexi Roy

• International: Graham Langley( UK) Hugh Lupton ( UK), Chirine El Ansary ( Egypt),  Elizabeth  Ellis (USA),  Mats Rehman ( Sweden)

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