Workshops for the Young

Old Stories Made New: A Short Residency

moose-longFor students in grades 4-8  ( can be adapted for  secondary students)

Outcomes for Students Include:

• Developing  an interest in traditional stories

• Seeing how these old stories are really about them and their lives

• Experiencing  the power of oral literature both as tellers and listeners

• Increasing  their understanding of narrative structure

• Discovering, in a supportive environment, that creating requires some discomfort, some risks, some hard work, a willingness to try things out and in spite of/because of this, can be lots of fun.

*While students at all levels benefit from this kind of experience, is it particularly valuable for students who struggle with reading and writing. Oral storytelling gives theses students  “equal access” to the transformational power of literary experience and can act as a strong motivation for acquiring literacy skills

Each session includes:

• The telling of a traditional story

•  Class conversation affirming the value of each student’s particular response to the story

• Individual and/or group creative response activity

Please Note:

*Where a performance component is included small group coaching sessions occur

*The work is “serious” and reflective, and is also filled with delight, humour and playfulness.


• Each five day series includes either 2 or 3 classes depending on project objectives

•  5 ninety minute session are offered for each participating class

Teachers’ Guide for download to come